The perfect union between scents and flavours. Preparation of artisan products using high-quality primary materials.

It was 1912 when Frumento & Caffè opened its doors for the first time in the heart of Turin, immediately winning over the locals with the sweet smell of its bread and desserts fresh from the oven. More than one hundred years have passed since then, but today the passion is just as strong as ever. Writing a quality history means loving one's roots, respecting one's tradition and choosing the freshest ingredients every day. This is the only way we know how to keep our identity alive, enticing palates today, just like we did then. 


The secrets of baking

Bread is the symbol of food. Its preparation requires love, dedication and respect.


The art of pastry making

A dessert is an invitation that comes in many forms: cakes, chocolate, pandoro, panettone and Easter eggs.


A passion for coffee and hospitality

Our shop is a welcoming place for a break at any time of the day, from breakfast till lunch.


The hosting experience:
catering and refreshments service

Hosting is an art, and hospitality a talent. We organise banquets and refreshments with the right care and attention.

The Venue

Beautiful scents, a sophisticated patisserie, a visible baking corner, with bread and savoury products, a breakfast corner

A boutique of flavour where you can enjoy both sweet and savoury products, diving into the welcoming atmosphere and scents that bring to mind memories of the past, when bread was traditionally prepared in the kitchen by expert hands.

Frumento & Caffè offers high-quality baking, a sophisticated patisserie, impressive breakfast and lunch menus, in a shop full of atmosphere and an endless selection of flavours.


The pleasure of Brunch, with a combination of flavours in imaginative dishes, designed to be a feast for both the eyes and palate.
And when the temperature rises, don't miss out on our freshly mixed juices.

Our products

Patisserie, bakery, cafe, catering: at Frumento & Caffè, all forms of flavour.

The Frumentino

Natural ingredients and handmade preparation for a dessert ready for devouring. Order it online!

Manitoba flour, water, butter, sugar, egg yolk, natural yeast, apricots, natural aromas and salt: the magic of well-mixed ingredients and light leavening make the Frumentino a unique dessert, totally worth devouring. Frumento & Caffè offers the possibility to order this delight online, in 250, 500 and 750 gram formats.

Visit the website and book your Frumentino: we'll deliver it to you fast, wherever you are! 

The Casatiello

The imagination of Neapolitan tradition, relived in this rustic cake, typical of the Easter period. You can order it online!

Our roots are firmly planted in tradition, the source of our inspiration. The Casatiello has a rustic soul and an unforgettable flavour. This Neapolitan speciality is typical of the Easter period, and is prepared in a completely artisan way. Flour, water, lard, eggs, salt, pepper, natural yeast and first choice cold cuts, composing a savoury cake rich in flavour. You can even order the Casatiello online: visit the website to discover how.

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